The Naked Gun 4 In Development

A few days after the trailer for David Zucker’s An American Carol hit the web, we have a somewhat coincidental announcement regarding one of the main franchises on which he built his career. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is currently a fourth Naked Gun movie in development over at Paramount. It is unclear whether or not any of the Zucker/Zucker/Abrahams crew will be involved, but what is clear is that the movie is a part of Paramount’s new direct-to-video initiative called Paramount Famous Prods.

The first release under this new banner will be Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling, coming in early 2009. Other direct to video sequels are in development for Road Trip, Bad News Bears, Mean Girls and Grease. The DTV market continues to be a pretty sweet cash cow for studios, and it looks like this trend is only going to intensify over the next few years. With regards to The Naked Gun 4, if it actually has some of the original team on board, and if Lesley Nielsen is willing (he’s not doing much else anymore), I could see it being halfway decent. I really think that’s the key though… if the majority of all these spin-offs and sequels are connected in name only rather than talent, then it’s going to be a much harder sell.

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  • theDia

    Sorry but theres no real naked gun movie without O.J.Nodberg and I simply canรƒโ€šร‚ยดt believe they would offer him the role.

    And Leslie – well I think he has done enough sppofs for more than a lifetime worth. Just let him rest in piece.

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  • Nathan

    It’s “peace” dumbshit. Not “Piece”. Rest in Peace.

  • lopli

    A Naked Gun 4 would be great, but direct to DVD? Screw that! If they are really even considering making a Naked Gun 4 they need to bring back all the available original cast they can and release it in theaters.

  • rob o’connor

    OMG they have to make another naked gun because it is one of the greatest films ever made!!
    leslie neilson is also one of the greatest actors ever
    we need more naked guns
    dont even think about bringing it straight to dvd that will suck balls
    put it in cinama straight away

  • Phyll

    I think Rob is tottally right, I will be the first dutch guy seing the naked gun 4 in cinima

    I think it would be awasome if this movie comes out in cinima;

    + There is never made a movie like this since tng3,5;
    This is a change for OJ to btw to clear his name; :)

  • HELL YEAH!!!

    PLEASE BRING IT TO THEATERS! Let Leslie Nielsen SWEEP UP THE BOX OFFICE one last time!!!!

  • Cletus

    I REFUSE to be in this one. If they are too damn cheap to bring it to the big screen, I will NOT participate in ANY aspect of the film.

  • Jack

    Not sure if a new Naked Gun would be any good, Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker haven’t made too many good movies lately. Don’t get me wrong, the Naked Guns, Hot Shots and Airplane are some of my favourite movies, but lately it’s been Superhero Movie and Scary Movie etc

  • Jack

    Ha! Just realised this article is from August 2008

  • Max

    I was thrilled at first about hearing there was gonna be a new naked gun, but idd without OJ as norberg and leslie nielsen as frank drebin, i dont see it being good :s when u say naked gun, u say leslie nielsen, without him its gonna be a lame rip off im scared

  • Daniel

    We need a naked gun 4, Nielsen is the king :D

  • John

    Waiting For It!

  • Matt

    I can’t wait for it. Why not have Peter Lupus reprise the role of Norberg. After all he was the original in the TV series.

  • passinthru

    What’s wrong with getting OJ back to play Nordberg? He aint busy with any other roles ;)

  • Kieran

    Ummm….I’ll probably see it but i havve mixed fealings on this..On the one hand I REALLY liked the Naked gun serries But i’m worried about the fact that MABEY it might feel weird if Lesslie Neilson and Pricella Presly are BOTH involved . The movie does need Leslie but Precilla….Unlease they Up her charector i don’t think she should be in it.

  • Heather

    You’re right, OJ isn’t busy with any other roles… because he’s in prison. I’m pretty sure that’s going to hamper his acting career just a teensy bit.

  • Naked Gun 4? Absolutely. I’ll take it any way it comes.

    As for Nordberg – he’s not available. But what about the son of Nordberg???!

    They could use Kenan Thompson to play the son of Nordberg. They could have a very humerous explanation of where Nordberg Sr. is…

    I’ll leave the writing to them.

    Naked Gun 4 eva!!

    P-Dub: Waiting also for Ghostbusters III

  • Jimmy

    Am I the only one who noticed that people posting here seem to have a problem with spelling? As for The Naked Gun 4…I can’t wait!

  • Matt

    I’d love to see this IF Leslie Nielsen is Frank. He can still do a great deadpan; he just hasn’t gotten the right scripts for awhile now, and I think some higher-ups are afraid to take a chance with him because of his age. (I say, as long as he’s still healthy and still has the skill, why not?) But no one else could play Frank Drebin. O.J’s character was mainly a bad-luck lightning rod—he can be played by the guy from the show, or replaced by a Nordberg Jr., both of which the people who commented before mentioned.

    And yes, I agree that several posters on here seem to have a real difficulty with spelling.

  • The Tabernacle

    Naked Gun 4???? I don’t know… the comedies today are not funny anymore, especially the parody.
    The only parody we got these days are crap like Date Movie, Epic Movie and other shit like that.
    If Naked Gun 4 is going to look like this, well, no thanks.
    BUT… yes there is always a “But”…. if they can bring back the genre with real humor then it could be great.
    Bring back OJ-boy, i think he’s not expensive these time, you can save it for the movie budget.

    Friendly your
    The Tabernacle

  • WTF

    This is a terrible idea. Naked Gun 33-1/3 was terrible. Let it go.

  • urpo

    first of all, leslie nielsen is 84 years old now. so i bet he cant act like in the older movies. i hate when theres a good trilogy, and then they make a new movie. i liked movies like indiana jones 4, but this movie sounds kinda fishy. this isnt gonna be a good movie without leslie, oj, george kennedy and priscilla presley. and if everybody is in the movie, why it isnt in cinemas? i liked the trilogy, so i wonder its direct-to-dvd.

  • Rob o’connor

    WTF your a loser all the naked guns where awesome. who cares how old leslie is he’s a living legend.
    I really want them to make a number 4. me and my friend billy pitchford love the naked gun and we want another one i would like to make a campaign.IT HAS TO HAVE LESLIE NEILSON IN IT AS LT FRANK DREBIN
    I also would like to be in the movie and billy (:


  • Jimmy


  • Stuart

    The living legend has passed away. Therefore there will never be a NG4.

    RIP Leslie. You will always be remembered as the legend you were.

  • Kenny Nations

    he was the major star of the franchise

  • Kenny Nations

    the movie might not be the same w/out Leslie Neilsen