Roadside Romeo Trailer: Disney’s Animated Bollywood Team-Up


For all you people who think Disney has just been rehashing the same old crap for the past 10 or 15 years, here’s something just a little bit different that the Mouse House is currently working on. Roadside Romeo is a computer animated film that is being co-produced with Yash Raj Films in India, about a pampered rich dog who finds himself abandoned on the unfriendly streets of Mumbai. Basically it is a CG flick done in the style of Bollywood, complete with song and dance numbers. It will be released in both English and Hindi, with Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor voicing the two main characters.

I’m not very well-versed in Bollywood cinema, but this does sound like an interesting cross-cultural experiment. We are seeing Bollywood and Hollywood collaborating quite frequently as of late, and this seems to be part of a continuing trend. At the very least, it could be the most interesting non-Pixar Disney film to come out in quite a while. Check out a teaser trailer below. Roadside Romeo is expected hit theatres on October 24th.

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  • Ryan M.

    I’m not well versed in Bollywood cinema either but everything I’ve seen has been absolutely unwatchable. I also have a problem with almost every musical movie I’ve ever seen except for Newsies; and that’s mostly because of my hetero-crush on Christian Bale. I think the musical is one genre that is more suitable for the stage.

    Although CG movies have generally been more solid than live-action I still think they hardly ever take advantage of the freedom CG provides with cinematography. Monster House has this continuous shot at the end that would be unthinkable in live-action even with Bill Pope and ILM behind the scenes.

    CG movies also generally don’t take advantage of the freedom to set the story anywhere. I’m getting sick of seeing all-CG features centered on some part of the animal kingdom. That was done better than any of them in Babe. Where is my CG Bone movie!? Why do I have to be subjected to boring-ass farm animals constantly?

  • Matt

    I haven’t seen enough of Bollywood to qualify me as an expert, so don’t mean to cont out a whole genre or industry. Nevertheless, I have yet to see anything noteworthy come out of Bollywood. The action scenes are laughably unrealistic. Every second movie is a musical (and non-musicals have way too much singing and dancing in them.) To get a glimpse of what I mean check out the link.

  • Ryan R

    Shorter above comments: “I don’t know anything about Bollywood (and am thus unqualified to pass judgement), but here’s my opinion nonetheless: I think it sucks. With music.”