Fanboys Fans Victorious? Kyle Newman is Back on Fanboys!


Alright, here’s the latest update in the on-going battle between Star Wars nerds and The Weinstein Company. When we last left our heroes, they had been tempted by the dark side, angered by the prospect of Steven Brill reshooting parts of the upcoming Star Wars-themed comedy Fanboys, despite the fact that they’ve never seen it. So, in a true display of suburban unrest, they banded together, whipped out their lightsabers and headed to local multiplexes where they vehemently refused to buy tickets for the latest Weinstein film Superhero Movie. That’ll teach ‘em to mess with the internet!

Well, strangely, it seems that perhaps some of the commotion did have an affect on the studio stormtroopers after all. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Fanboys director Kyle Newman reveals that, “I have been brought back into the editing room to work on a final version… All the key people are back. That’s all good.” It remains to be seen what will end up in the final theatrical cut (ie. cancer or no cancer), but clearly the Weinsteins want Newman’s seal of approval on the film before they release it. The question is, by the time this movie finally reaches theatres (at this point, who knows if it will even be out by the end of 2008), will all the whining and complaining have killed any potential buzz it might have had going for it?

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  • Phil

    Frankly this whole cancer angle sounds like a terrible buzzkill.

    It’s a fun movie about Star Wars! No one in the theatre will apprecate being reminded of their dead loved ones or their own mortality.

    Just give me shots of people riding around in that Boba Fett decorated van, like a “Detroit Rock City” for Star Wars fans.

  • This whole story has killed any chances of this film actually doing well beyond people seeing it just because of what they’ve read on the internet. It’s over. Either release it or don’t.

    At this point I could give a shit.

  • Ryan

    This could movie could die of a case of hype. Like Snakes on a Plane, can it live up to it?

  • I say essentially the same thing every time you post about this movie, but the only way I could really care less about Fanboys is if I’d never heard of it.

  • joe

    They should put the story around Jay’s colon cancer in it. That would be the best solution.