Film Junk’s Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Commentary Track


Seeing as Sean’s away for the week, I thought it’d be fun to try something out that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Me and Reed Farrington got together and laid down a commentary track for one of our favourite Star Trek films, Wrath of Khan. That’s right, nearly two hours of Reed Farrington talking about his beloved Star Trek! Just make sure you’ve got your DVD ready to go and be sure to follow our complicated synchronization instructions and let the magic wash over you. Enjoy!

Right click and ‘save as’ to download our Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan commentary track.

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  • Great call! Either myself or someone else had said in a junk mail that you guys should do this (commentary tracks.) I am not a fan of star trek at all, but I’ll watch it with the commentary for sure. good deal!

  • Hopefully we can get more people involved in the future. It was a challenge for me and Reed to carry this thing through to the end, but it was fun. Hopefully it isn’t too horribly boring for everyone!

  • Would have preferred VI myself but that is picking nits. Like the idea and can’t wait to listen to it with the movie.

  • I definitely would’ve had much more to say during 6 as it’s my favourite of the series. We’re definitely thinking about doing that one in the future.

  • This is badass. I’d love a Star Trek V commentary.

  • Glenn

    Thanks So Much for this, I love both Commentaries and Trek, this is Heaven.

  • swarez

    I’m listening to this right now without watching the movie. The beginning is fucking brilliant.
    More please.

  • I loved it when the movie blog did there commentaries on raiders and conan the barbarian so naturally i’ve been waiting for my favorite movie site to do one. You should do a commentary on escape from LA next.

  • Reed Farrington

    Swarez, I’m just realizing now that Jay probably set me up during the opening. I was wondering how much of the opening Jay was going to edit out. Now I’m wondering if people are going to be irritated by the false starts.

    I really wanted to do a commentary without any dead silence, but there is an occasional short dead spot. I should have prepared some topics in case there was nothing to say, but I was pretty confident that Jay and I could keep on blathering, but I was wrong.

    If you do finish listening to the commentary without watching the movie, let us know if you think the commentary can stand alone.

    I don’t remember three-quarters of what was said.

    I’ve never watched Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but I sort of suspect I started creeping into their territory on occasion.

    I hope people don’t think that Film Junk is becoming a Star Trek site. I warned Jay that we’ll drive off Film Junk’s audience with so much Star Trek coverage. We’ll probably end up converting Jon Rocks to a Trekkie.

  • The opening is simply outstanding.

    Reed needs to stop trying to read to the audience the print in the background or tell people how much the textures of the lettering is bothering him.

    I second the recommendation to do Escape from LA next.

  • Ian

    Cool. Star Trek II is such a good movie.

  • swarez

    I think you guys need to prepare a little more, dig deep in to useless trivia and such because there are times when “Ooh look at this guy” comments become a few too many.
    But I think the Trek films might not be the best for those because those DVDs already have such a wast amount of trivia, the text commentary and such that I think you guys need to do movies that don’t have that. Like films that are guilty pleasures and have more cult following than the massive beast that is Trekkie fandom.

  • Reed Farrington

    Matt and Swarez, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Thx for listening and your feedback.

  • Can I recommend Robocop? I think that has a perfect amount of personal experience mixed with thematic content, mixed with humourous insight mixed with awesome.

  • Reed Farrington

    Interesting that you should mention Robocop, Henrik. About two months ago, Jay and I, and maybe Sean, attended a lecture given by Dale Bradley from the Brock University Department of Communications, Popular Culture and Film in Canada. Prof. Bradley’s take on Robocop was that Murphy had died and the Robocop machine was assuming the identity of Murphy. I think most people thought that Murphy was slowly regaining his identity throughout the movie after most of his organic parts had been replaced.

    Anyway, I should probably voluntarily excuse myself from the next movie commentary. I’m not very good at explaining things verbally. And if I can’t be interesting discussing a movie that I’m familiar with, then you can imagine how boring it would be having me read all the signage in Robocop.

    I don’t think I’ve seen the uncensored version of Robocop.

  • The uncensored version is like 10 seconds longer, not a big deal.

    The professor sounds like an academic with nothing to do. What was his reasoning for his hypothesis? I don’t see anything to suggest it in the film. Does it even make sense that the machine would assume the identity of Murphy? That would have to be programmed into it right? So why not just program it to be Murphy from the getgo?

  • I vote for the next commentary to be for a John Carpenter film. Either of the Escapes, They Live, Assault on Precinct 13, Prince of Darkness– there are so many choices.

  • paulie

    hey guys i finally had time to sync and watch star trek 2 with your commentary it was freaking awesome and funny as hell first 3 minuets are priceless I first watched star trek 2 by its self (then with the commentary) its such an awesome movie have not re watched any of the trek movies in awhile it was a blast and also this is for jay when I bought trek 2 to do the commentary I also bought krull both movies for under 30 bucks not bad haven’t watched krull yet but I’m sure i will on my next day off on Monday haven’t seen krull in a long time as well……….

  • paulie: NICE! Now Krull is definitely a movie I would love to do a commentary for.

  • I just came up with a totally off topic yet awesome idea, jay should direct robocop 3 starring reed farrington as robocop and post it exclusivley on film junk. That would be awesome eh? (that was me being canadian, sorry if i offended anyone.)

  • Goon

    I finally got a copy of Star Trek II so I can finally listen to this.

  • Goon

    I listened to the commentary today. It was fun. Even though I hit play at the same time though it didn’t line up and i had to pause the dvd so you could catch up.

    And no, it wasnt the fake screwups at the beginning that casued it, i think my player just started playing it faster than yours did. you should find another way to line it up. like hit play on it and have people unpause it at second X.

    I don’t know how you let some of those names in the credits escape you. Mmmm, John Robot-ham.

  • Goon, after you ravaged Gran Torino, I was half-expecting you to do the same to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, because the acting is hammy, the humour is corny, and the action is cliched. I don’t know if you had seen the movie before.

    Thx for listening to the commentary. I feel like I need to apologize again, because I was expecting Jay to be more responsive and participatory during the commentary. I didn’t have enough prepared material and I didn’t think it was appropriate to leave dead air, so I started looking for background items that I could comment on which led to me, as someone noted, reading signage.

    The goofy start was due to the fact that I didn’t understand how Jay was expecting people to be at the same place in the movie as us. I’ve never tried listening to an external commentary with a movie, so I don’t know how other people do it.

    As for strange names in the credits, I don’t think I ever noticed. I don’t find that stuff humourous or interesting, so maybe I just ignored it.

  • bullet3

    Actually, this one was pretty outstanding.
    In temrs of syncing issues, I recommend in the future having everyone pause the movie 5 seconds in, and then unpause on your mark. That’s how many podcasts do it.

  • I’ve added this to the database. Zarban’s House of Commentaries is a huge database of links to audio commentary tracks available on the Internet.

  • Wow, my words are immortalized in Zarban’s House of Commentaries. I hope Zarban has better facilities than the Library of Alexandria.

    With the recent release of TWOK on Blu-ray, I expect the commentary by Jay and myself will have a new lease on life. I wonder what Manny Coto has to say on the new commentary on the Blu-ray disc.

  • Sweet! Now I’ve got something to awesome to do during my boring, internetless night shift.

  • As someone mentioned previously, I think I ended up doing a lot of signage reading and scene description in my commentary when I had nothing to say. I think my commentary might be helpful for blind people.

    I’ll try to do better when Film Junk does its commentary for the Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. And I hope I don’t resort to saying, “This sucks!”, through the entire film. :-)

  • projectgenesis

    “I’ll try to do better when Film Junk does its commentary for the Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.”

    Any update on when we can expect this commentary?

  • I think the other guys have had more interesting things to do lately.

    I haven’t been able to listen to any of the commentaries on the Blu-ray release, so I don’t know what has already been discussed. I’m beginning to think that I won’t have anything interesting to say because I haven’t been coming across any interesting tidbits.

  • mrhorse

    what a nice surprise, thank you

    you have got to do another one. not a nolan fan, but you might consider tdk. other obvious choices:
    die hard
    true romance
    silence of the lambs

  • I’m glad our commentary was a nice surprise, mrhorse. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, but all I can remember is describing background details while Jay ate lunch.

    Not sure what makes those choices of yours obvious. I actually haven’t seen three of your listed movies although I’m sure Jay has seen them all. I guess I should plug Film Junk’s Premium Podcast for the Batman movies if you haven’t already listened to it. I think the guys talked about The Dark Knight. I don’t participate in the Premium Podcasts though (nor do I get a cut of the action).

  • mrhorse

    Reed Farrington on November 27th, 2012 > Not sure what makes those choices of yours obvious.

    ..they’re among the more relevant from recent years, is all.

    Reed Farrington on November 27th, 2012 > I think the guys talked about The Dark Knight. I don’t participate in the Premium Podcasts though

    that’s fine by me, too much talk about superheroes anyways.

  • Lori Cerny

    “Let me show you my bird of prey.” THAT is a fantastic euphemism.

    By the way, you guys should do more commentaries; I’d even pay for a premium.

  • Tommy

    Thanks for bumping this, Lori. I didn’t know it existed.