Dreamworks Remaking Ghost in the Shell as a 3-D Live Action Movie


It’s official… live action remakes of anime films are the next big thing. If Spielberg is on board, then surely there can be no debating it. Last year we heard that Production I.G. were looking into a live action adaptation of their own smash hit animated film Ghost in the Shell; this week we have news that Dreamworks has acquired the rights and are moving forward with the project. This film joins the growing list of anime adaptations in production that includes Akira, Speed Racer, Dragonball and James Cameron’s Battle Angel. Taking another cue from James Cameron, it looks like Dreamworks will also be doing Ghost in the Shell in 3-D.

Spielberg had this to say: “Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite stories… It’s a genre that has arrived, and we enthusiastically welcome it to DreamWorks.” Avi Arad will produce, while Jamie Moss (Street Kings) will pen the script. Although I really wanted to get into the original Ghost in the Shell movie, I think my appreciation has always been more of a surface thing… I never could fully wrap my head around it. This is one case where I actually hope they dumb it down a bit, although I know that there are plenty of fans who would strongly disagree with that. Either way, the 3-D format should be a perfect vehicle for the futuristic imagery. How do you feel about this project and the idea of remaking anime films in general?

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  • I suppose this is a good call– after all I’m past the point where I’m willing to start looking at anime. I would check it out in a live action format though.

  • joe

    Oh man, this would be so awesome. I am a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell.. for the TV series and the movies. The story is so awesome. Though the action scenes would be great in 3D… I don’t know about the often long conversation scenes, which tend to make up a good 80% of the show/movies. GITS is known for awesome graphics, but I don’t see a live action one??? Seems weird, but of course I would see it.

    I wouldn’t put it past them to ruin a good thing, though. That’s what Hollywood does best.

  • joe

    ps. in general I don’t see a need to “remake” an anime film. Their original manga stories are so long, that I wouldn’t think you could run out of content. I’d rather see a continuation or something original.

  • In my opinion, Ghost In The Shell is another in a long line of anime films with awesome action scenes and boring, repetitive, and uninteresting stories. If this gets made I’ll watch it expecting to be wowed by the fights amongst a throwaway plot.

  • Ian

    I certainly like the stylism of a steam or cyber-punk anime series and think it looks great on film (hell it was on film first with Metropolis and Bladerunner). If the story works that’s fine. Most of the better animes are series with 26 episodes and in that case they don’t really translate to a 120 minute film.

  • jerry

    bad idea!!

  • Art

    Ghost in the Shell while not known for it’s action packed plot would make a decent movie. That is if Hollywood would bother sticking to the introspective and more “think based” plots instead of throwing it away for some superficial/shallow action plot.

    Because even though there is no doubt that the action sequences will be nicely depicted. In my opinion the films would not fit what the general idea of what audiences (at least in the US) would go out to see in theaters. Which is a sad thing… but still the case.

  • Don

    I am really going to be dissappointed if they make this movie into the garbage format like the movie “Beowolf” 3d. They should make a live action film, no bs. I can’t see why they can’t pull it off. I could picture Erika Sawajiri, or some girl like her, maybe a little older as Kusanagi. Thats what I would do, if they don’t want to do it right, then they should leave it alone!!

  • Michael Anyanwu

    There is no logical reason on earth why Ghost In The Shell requires any sort of remake or reboot much less, a “dumbed down” one at that?

    What is it with Hollywood?

    Can’t they come up with original ideas of their own rather than churning out countless remakes and genre-rip-offs?

  • Rico


    Whatever people might think of Ghost in the Shell or any of Shirow’s other intellectual properties, the “FACT” of the matter is that, “technically speaking”, most of the body of his work is SUPERB! Shirow is an absolutely masterful storyteller. I’m only surprised that it has taken this long for someone to decide to attempt a live action adaptation of one of his properties and while Ghost In the Shell is probably the most budget friendly of his properties to attempt such a rendition of, it does worry me a bit that it’s Hollywood that got ahold of it first.

    That said, my opinion is that, if Spielberg handles GITS with as much respect and aplomb as he handled MINORITY REPORT, the film will at least be acceptable, if not entirely satisfying and fulfilling. I think Steven has what it takes to do it justice. The question is; “will he?”…

    BTW: To those who wonder why they don’t produce a greater number or original film properties instead of “churning out countless remakes and genre-rip-offs”…

    It’s simple economics. Much as many of us wish things were different, it’s more likely that the budget of a film will be met and more possible that it will be exceeded (thereby making a profit) when the film property has a “pre-installed” fan base. A totally new and unknown property is a HUGE financial risk, especially with films of this sort as the budget to make the film can easily reach or exceed $150million – $200million! That’s a lot of money to lose… even for a big Hollywood film studio.

  • QuickSilver

    All I have to say is this. One of the big reasons why I loved Ghost in the Shell was because of the highly complex storyline and intertwining… stuff… Seriously, the laughing man case from SAC was a work of genius. All of Shirow Masamune’s work is like this (complicated) and to not do that same in that area would be like insulting his work.

    I really hope that this movie works out so even more people can enjoy this… world…

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