Elizabeth Banks is Laura Bush


Well regardless of what you think of Oliver Stone’s filmography, you’ve gotta admit that the man has taken a few risks with his career over the years. Many of his films have generated controversy, and I can only assume that his next movie W will do the same. In case you haven’t heard, W is a biopic about the current president of the United States, George W. Bush, starring Josh Brolin in the lead role.

This week we have learned via The Hollywood Reporter that comedic actress Elizabeth Banks (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Slither) is in talks to star as Bush’s wife and the current First Lady, Laura Bush. While I think Elizabeth Banks is a great actress and a rising talent in Hollywood, this only raises more questions about the tone of the movie and Stone’s intentions as a director. Right now, I can’t help picturing this as a feature film version of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s short-lived sitcom That’s My Bush!. We know that Oliver Stone intends for it to be a serious drama, but will it lead to unintentional hilarity? W is scheduled to start shooting at the end of April.

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