Is There a Sopranos Movie In The Works?


Now that a Sex and the City movie is heading to theatres this summer, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we started hearing rumours about HBO’s other most popular series (for men) getting a feature film as well. Truth be told, there was talk of a Sopranos movie a few years back, but after the open-ended series finale, series creator David Chase insisted that there were no plans for a movie continuation. He did however, also say that he would “never say never”, so that really means nothing.

This week we caught wind of a possible Sopranos movie gearing up after the owner of the real-life Bada Bing club (Satin Dolls in Lodi, N.J.) received some mysterious advice to avoid making any renovations or changes to the layout of his establishment. “I got an inside tip that they’re going to do a movie, so I don’t want to make any major changes… I’m not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody (working) on the script.”

HBO has denied this, so it could very be that the guy is just looking for some free publicity. On the other hand, I do think a Sopranos movie is guaranteed to happen eventually. Assuming The Sex and the City Movie does well, there’s just too much potential for another successful film franchise here. Would you pay to see a Sopranos movie? Are there other HBO shows that deserve theatrical sequels?

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  • fizzle

    As i much as i loved The Sopranos series, i don’t think i would pay to watch the movie. I liked the sopranos because it followed the life of a mob boss and had many episodes to do this, some episodes nothing happened some episodes were filled with action. I can’t see the movie being anything other than a goodfellas rip off with the sopranos characters. The show ran an hour each week, the movie is just going to feel like a couple of episodes…just like the simpsons movie felt like a couple episodes. I would however pay to watch a flight of the chonchords movie if it featured some big cameos and had a big gig at the end.

  • Flight of the Conchords movie? Just go watch Eagle vs Shark instead!

  • Ian

    Deadwood could use with something more of closure but they scrapped that so it goes. I got it Arlis the movie!

  • There is already a movie version of HBOs The Wire. (although it has nothing to do with David Simon, Ed Burns and company)

    It’s from Brazil and focuses on the paramilitary police and how they plug into the social strata of Rio. Highly Recommended, it’s called TROPA DE ELITE, and it recently won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival. It’s made by the guy who made the fab documentary BUS 174.


  • Kathi

    Off-subject a little bit, but does anyone know the first air date for this last season in 2008?

  • Carmine

    In the movie i’m thinking tony soprano probably get shot and junior and the family falls apart, thatd be horrible

  • Davina

    I didn’t watch the series while it was still on TV, as I still don’t have cable. However, I just finished watching the entire series on DVD over a period of about two months. I thought it was the best TV series I’ve ever seen, but I hated the ending. I hope that there is a Sopranos movies to continue this story. I think the movies should focus on Tony’s RICO trial that the Feds had been preparing for years, after which Tony should go to jail, but eventually find redemption, though not the superficial Charles Colson type of redemption referred to in one of the episodes.

  • Scott Lemond

    It makes perfect sense to make a Sopranos movie especially since Sex and the City did so well with closure on so many subjects with the characters. I believe that there is alot of unfinished business with the New Jersey crime family that has to come to light. There has to be some more wackin’s and some personal triumphs/tragedies within the Soprano family.

  • Cameron Soles

    I for one think if the chicks get there Sex In The City then my wife should have to put up with the Sopranos the Move. Ya! I for one miss “the good moves” like Goodfellas and ect.but what do I know .I’m just your ever day trash guy. Oh and one more thing, when did Vanpires get sexy because chicks now Love that crap too! O.K Ya The Departed was cool! WASSSS UP! Bean Town!


    Most Def!!! why the heck not? I ask all the naysayers on here? why the heck not? There are so many crapy movies out today. And if SATC could do it, so could a much much better show. People say Sopranos is a “guy” show, that is what imature unintellectual idiots would say, the Sopranos is one of the best pieces of modern art work to hit the TV industry, you don’t see good quality shows like Sopranos and The Wire much, mostly just crapy crime dramas were people talk so weird and not representative of real life talk. A movie of the Sopranos would do just fine if planned just right

  • gabe

    i have followed the show n still watch it on A and E and it is by far my favorite show of all time all the characters r interestin n play their role too a tee if their is no movie to shine light on the series i will be disappointed

  • I think this is probably the best show of all time I Love this show I didnt get into til this year but it is awesome Paulie is the stuff I love that guy and I am glad Ralphie got clipped by Tony it would be a terrible terrible injustice to not to do a movie and it can have some to do about the Rico trial but Tony shouldnt go to jail I think he should take over both families New York and Jersey I dont know about you guys but there were certain shows that Carmella was hot maybe Im just twisted but I thought so but heck what do I know Im from TN…..

  • Sara Dearman

    I have loved the sopranos and have been waiting for a movie to tie up all the loose ends. May take a while… but will be worth the wait. The Oh Girl episode is my favorite.

  • Dave

    Not too sure where they can go with a movie … For one thing quite a few of the main characters that were still left are gone … Tony … Sil … Tonys family … They would have to introduce new characters and their relationship to whomever … Then somehow get a story that could be understood by people not familiar with the sopranos for it to be a movie … Not too sure that all of that could be squeezed into a movie of 2-2.5 hours

  • I think they should make a Sopranos movie. We were all left to wonder, what happened? When we viewed the last episode. I personally feel Tony got killed. Because it all went to black and there was no music during the credits. Who took over the family? etc.,