Johnny Knoxville Sustains Crotch Injury in Jackass Stunt Gone Wrong


Well it had to happen eventually. Johnny Knoxville, fearless leader of the Jackass crew, did a little more than “take one for the team” a couple weeks ago while shooting a new segment for a new Jackass MTV Special. He was reportedly trying to ride a motorcycle up a dirt hill and do a backflip when the bike shot out from under him, flew up in the air, and came down on top of his, err… crotchal area. The end result was a torn urethra. Ouch!

He is now recovering after being bedridden for a few weeks. It sounds like a pretty serious injury, but since the accident was captured on video it has, of course, been turned into a promotional stunt for MTV’s upcoming Jackass 24 Hour Takeover. It starts tomorrow (Sat. Feb. 23rd) at Noon EST, and will feature all new stunts and live, unpredictable hilarity. Check out a clip of the accident as shown on The Jimmy Kimmel Show below.

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  • I think he would have wanted us to laugh any way.

  • Crazy K

    OWWW thats gonna hurt hahahahaha Johnny Knoxville is one of my heros WOOOOOOO