Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’ Co-Directed by Spike Jonze

Here’s a killer new video for Kanye West’s latest single, Flashing Lights. Co-directed by the magical Spike Jonze and Kanye himself, the video is extremely effective in its simplicity. Man, I really can’t wait for Where the Wild Things Are. Enjoy.

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  • fizzle

    this is a big tune, for a big site! Its real easy to watch the video and the girl is smoking hot…2 thumbs up

  • jon

    no country for black men. this was rad!!!!! and did this only have two shots in it?

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  • Ian

    Prety cool and short too. There needs to be more videos with concept (even simple ones).

  • fabrini

    I don’t get it, why did they mosaic her cell phone when she tosses it down? stupid.

  • Roy

    The clip is 2:47 and on the album the song is 3:47; I think there’s still a minute to go.

  • Phil

    I thought this was stupid.

    the only reason it seems original in the slightest is because it deviates from the cliche rap video…but only a tiny bit!


  • Exquisite
    Really thrilled to see Kanye surrounding himself with like-minded artists. A co-director credit on a Spike Jonze music clip is something. I own his Director’s Work DVD and am amazed and thrilled to see Jonze working with my favorite artists for the past 15 years. Every video he makes is memorable and this one definitely adds up to the list.

    The song is a minute longer and I would’ve took that minute more. The pacing of the clip is to par with the song’s which makes it that more enjoyable.

    But as far as rap video clichés, you can’t say Kanye has been the one to box himself into it. We saw Kanye come up with lead single videos out of that frame. Think “Stronger” and its futuristic appeal and while “I’m good” fits into the usual frame, it does borrow on the design fonts frenzy which gives it an additional appeal.

    For reference purposes see “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”/”Jesus Walks”/”All Falls Down”/”Through the Wire” … I think I’ve made my point.

  • Jay

    I thought the video was great. I count 3 shots. I wasn’t a big fan of this song but after having watched the video 3 times, I can’t get it out of my head. Nice to see Spike doing some smaller and creative projects like this video.

    BTW, some of the comments here have almost been as entertaining as the video.

  • desmond

    i didn’t get the video? can someone explain to me what it was about?!

  • adorno


    Idea= GOOD

    Ass= Nice

  • shannaT

    Go to http://www.therundown.tv website and get the low down on the concept of this video. It will start to make sense I promise. Kanye West is a legend it takes a man who thinks out of the box to make the world evolve. This is evolving ladies and gentleman no more naked girls in rap videos alleluah..