Your Very Own Juno Hamburger Phone


For all the overwhelming positive praise that has been heaped on Juno, this year’s “little film that could”, there are also a fair number of people out there who found its cheeky script somewhat phony and grating. Fair enough, I suppose everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and I can see where they’re coming from. Still, I have to wonder how you can dislike a movie that features the main character talking on a phone shaped like a hamburger! Come on now, that’s just too cute for words!

Peter over at /Film has brought to our attention the fact that the legendary hamburger phone from Juno has now been turned into a clever promotional gimmick for the film. Apparently Fox Searchlight sent out replica hamburger phones to select movie critics, in the hopes of filling their icy hearts with childlike glee. (I’m guessing Roger Ebert received more than one, because Juno made #1 on his list of top 10 movies of 2007!)

A quick search on E-bay turns up an endless supply of these cheap novelty items, but I can guarantee you we’ll start seeing the officially licensed version in stores soon enough (probably when the movie hits DVD). They’re sure to become a staple of college dorms across North America for the next few years!

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  • I wonder how many people will want a hamburger phone when one of it’s only appearances in the film is spent being berated by the title character for not working properly.

  • Matt

    Urban Outfitters will sell it,
    people will buy it.

  • Jesus. These have been around forever. I think I might’ve even had one when I was a kid. One more reason to rip on Juno as the over-rated tripe that it is..

  • Goon

    I take it you’ve come over to the dark side, Andrew?

  • Ian

    Oh man my buddy just talked about this on my podcast. Apparently even the damn props are quirky in this movie.

  • mary chan

    yeah, it is pretty hot these days, and there are lots of suppliers on ebay, i ever asked “Yahoo Answer”, and the best answer is given to this site:

    so i orderd one for only $11.99. now i have my own hamburger phone. really cool! i love it!

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  • Arne

    Demand for this phone must be high, because the price magically jumped $4. Those industrious bastards!

  • Lauren

    Where can that phone be ordered? I want that one, the one that says “Juno” on it and comes in the Juno box..I don’t want the one that says “Hamburger Phone”
    Anybody know? :)