List of Movies with the Highest Number of F-Bombs Dropped


Here’s a fun little list courtesy of the folks at Box Office Psychics that counts down all the movies released to date containing the highest number of expletives — specifically, the most uses of the almighty “F-word”. I’m not sure who did all the counting, but clearly it was time well spent. Does the MPAA keep records on stuff like this?

As you might expect, the documentary Fuck tops the list by far with a magical 824 F-bombs, and a bunch of Scorsese and Tarantino movies are up there too, but there are a few surprises as well. Summer of Sam at #6? I guess I had forgotten how colourful the language was in that flick. Can Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat really considered a movie though? I’ve reprinted the top 20 below, but you can view the full list here. (Note: Superbad is on the list but it isn’t as high up as you might think!)

1. Fuck (824)
2. Nil by Mouth (428)
3. Casino (398)
4. Alpha Dog (367)
5. Twin Town (318)
6. Summer of Sam (315)
7. Running Scared (315)
8. Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat (311)
9. Menace II Society (300)
10. Goodfellas (300)
11. Narc (297)
12. Harsh Times (296)
13. Another Day in Paradise (291)
14. Made (291)
15. Dirty (280)
16. Jarhead (278)
17. Bully (274)
18. State Property 2 (271)
19. Reservoir Dogs (269)
20. Pulp Fiction (265)

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  • Liz

    I think they got that list from Wikipedia (, whose article on this lists their sources for who actually keeps track of this info.

  • fizzle


  • I’m surprised that The Big Lebowski isn’t in the top 20, though it is number 21, so I guess I wasn’t too far off in thinking it had a lot of fucks.

  • Jason

    Scarface isn’t in the top 20? WTF?

  • Grant you just made yourself something to do with it,

  • you wish

    according to a few sites, big lebowski has 281 f’s, which would place it 15th

  • one day removals has 440 uses of the f the loop should easy be in there.summer of sam has 435 f words not 315.who was thick enough to say it only had 315 f the f-ing short version on youtube it has much more than 315 i guarantee it 100%.

  • i also agree with labowski being in there.