Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor Finally Gets a Director

In 1999, David Fincher’s Fight Club introduced audiences to a bold new voice in Chuck Palahniuk, a writer who has since developed a massive cult following (particularly among the younger generations who rarely read books). Considering the success of Fight Club and Palahniuk’s tendency toward dark and edgy subject matter, it’s a bit surprising that none of his other books have found their way to the big screen as of yet. But that’s all about to change, as Clark Gregg’s adaptation of Choke will premiere at Sundance next year, and now it looks like Survivor is finally getting off the ground as well.

Survivor is considered by many to be Palahniuk’s best book (it’s probably my favourite, anyway) and was long barred from a feature film adaptation in the wake of 9/11, because it involves the main character hijacking a plane and crashing it. This is mainly window dressing, however, as the majority of the book is him narrating his life story to the plane’s black box. Despite the many false starts for the project, it appears that Palahniuk’s latest statements have now been confirmed: Survivor is being developed by the same people who did Constantine. At a press junket for his latest film I Am Legend, director Francis Lawrence had this to say: “I’m working on the book Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk that I’m working on with a friend… It’s a great book. I love that book. So we’ve been working on that.” If it’s still at the script stage then I’m assuming it’ll be on hold until the writer’s strike is resolved, but all this momentum could definitely lead to Invisible Monsters, Diary and more of his books getting adapted as well. Fingers crossed.

On a related note, someone has done graphic novel adaptations of Invisible Monsters and Lullaby, and they are available for free online at The Cult.

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