Shatner’s Gonna Be Pissed… George Takei’s in Star Trek XI Too

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Leonard Nimoy has scored a short cameo in J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek film, while William Shatner has not… an arrangement that Shatner is none too pleased about. It is a bit unclear whether or not Shatner had actually been approached to make an appearance as Captain Kirk in the flick, but he has been vocal about his disapproval, saying that he would be “reluctant to do something that had so little value as to be a cameo”, and that the choice to leave him out of a major role is a “foolish business decision on their part”. Well, now he’s going to be twice as pissed because it appears that George Takei will be reprising his role as Sulu in the film as well. According to Starburst magazine, Takei was asked to appear in a flash-forward scene involving his character and Spock.

In other Trek news, it looks like the first trailer for Star Trek XI will appear in theatres with Cloverfield on January 18th. Mark it on your calendars kids!

Update: Looks like the George Takei story has been debunked.

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  • Can’t…resist…letting…title…excite…me!

    I wish I could quit Star Trek. This is such a setup for a heartbreak.

  • Darth Nameless

    Henrik, we should set up a club for people who want to quit Star Trek. Because being a Trekkie gets you absolutely nowhere in life. You waste your time watching reruns over and over again. Or watching or reading new stuff that repeats the same old time worn plots. And a lot of your income goes to waste on useless dust collector items.

    Trekkies get no respect. We still get pissed on by other television shows. Veronica Mars made fun of Trekkies. The beauties on Beauty and the Geeks are oblivious to Star Trek. The show Chuck has the cool guy and the geek star talking Klingon to each other, but this is only to make the viewing audience laugh. And just the other day on Bionic Woman, the geek technician intrudes on a fighting session and the martial arts guy says something to the effect, “Aren’t you supposed to be at a Star Trek convention?”

    Academics have even stated that Trekkies go through symptoms of withdrawal when they can’t get a Star Trek fix.

    Well, I’m taking the first step in admitting that I have a problem.