Thai Horror Remake Shutter Gets Release Date

Yet another Asian horror remake is on the horizon, this one based on the Thai horror film Shutter, about a photographer and his wife who start to see ghostly images in their honeymoon pictures related to a tragic accident. Yes, like virtually every other Asian horror flick ever made, it has to be some form of technology that reveals an evil presence. The original was one of the highest grossing Thai films ever, and the deal for the Hollywood remake was also the most expensive foreign remake sale to date.

The remake stars Joshua Jackson (haven’t seen him in a while) and Rachael Taylor (Transformers), along with James Kyson Lee (Ando on Heroes). Japanese horror director Masayuki Ochiai (Infection) is helming the production. 20th Century Fox have officially announced a March 21, 2008 release date, which puts it up against Owen Wilson comedy Drillbit Taylor and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. What are the odds this will do well at the box office? I get the feeling that people are pretty sick of seeing American adaptations of Asian horror films, but hey, maybe it’s just me.

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  • No, it’s not just you. I’m sick to death of these. Partly becasue they’re usually inferior to the original. I just caught up with shutter last weekend actually.

    I liked it well enough, but even original Asian horror pictures are starting to all be the same.

  • joe

    Shutter was the scariest asian horror to date, my friend and I (who watch many of them together) agree. Remakes suck so bad though!

  • I really like the origal Shutter. I’d say one of the best Asian horror flick.
    Really interested to see this remake. Lets hope they didn’t screw it up real bad.

  • I’m tired of Ghost movies here in Thailand. Foreign movies have been a kind of help till now, but if Hollywood is goind to remake Thai Ghost movies, how am I gonna do? :(

  • Josh Stephen

    I would’ve agreed with you all. Every Asian remake I’ve seen has been absolutely horrible; but, Joshua Jackson is an awesome actor (probably the most natural I’ve ever seen) who picks his roles (based on scipts) VERY carefully. With this in mind, I trust his judgement that is will be a solid enough transfer and most likely a pretty damn good film!

  • Sam So

    I don’t like the idea of the plot tweakings I’ve noticed so far, mainly that they are a married couple in the remake when they were just going steady in the original. The original was a solid-horror film, with a simple, yet intricate plot.

    I find the problems with these remakes (especially with the failure of recents like the Eye) is that they don’t have the same effects as they do with an Asian audience because many of these Asian horror films, alot of Asian superstition comes into play and would make more sense and to Asian culture than American! It’s very esoteric. I don’t think this movie is going to pull that off.

    Right now, I really hope they don’t change the ending, that’s all. Which was brilliant and shocking!

    My other complaint is, the distinction of race- why is the ghostly presence that of a Japanese girl? It’s very self indulgent of the director (who’s Japanese of course) and slightly offensive to me (a Thai-born, Cambodian-American). The story is Thai, the ghostly women is Thai. I would’ve prefered they kept her as a spooky American girl, rather than change her into a Japanese woman. C’mon?!

    Also, the cast doesn’t “wow” me. Joshua Jackson doesn’t compare to the original actor. Nor does Rachel Taylor. And I know there’s alot of comparison involve with my comment, but I still have doubts as to the way it will be interpreted. I will go watch this movie and expect, not a remake, but an interpretation, and that worries me as to how the movie will come out.

    I know, I haven’t seen the movie and I am definitely planning to, but what I’ve seen so far with reading and the trailers. It’s all a predestined mess.

  • yeah man, i am so so so sick of watching the classic originals and thinking wow what an amazing fucking film, just to see the americans go oh, we can make a quick buck on this we can release it in… wait for it…… ENGLISH, and not only that we can put all our least favourite actors in it and we have a movie… oh we dont have to worry about the film we just copy it scene for scene itll be easy, im so so sick of the american film industry full stop, bring back more spider man and less xmen 3, bring back terminator not an american version of THE RING lol its all gotten really pathetic now, the eye was the worst and dark water grrrr reamkes all over its stupid and sad and pathetic get a grip hollywood