Akira Live Action Remake Moves Forward

We’ve talked recently on the Film Junk Podcast about anime; how for the most part we just find it confusing (or at least I do). Despite the potential for some mind-blowing visuals, my own lack of understanding has always prevented these movies from adding up to a satisfying or cohesive whole. There are however, a handful of anime flicks that I’ve enjoyed even despite their mysteries, Spirited Away is one of them, and another is Akira, the landmark 1988 movie based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga. There has been talk for years of an American live action adaptation of Akira, with the last director attached being Stephen Norrington (Blade, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) he decided to take an indefinite break from directing after the disaster that was LXG.

Now Bloody Disgusting has learned that Warner Brothers are trying to get the project moving again, with young Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson possibly being the next in line to direct. He is known as a visual effects guy, having only directed two short films (one of which was nominated for an Oscar), but he seems like a intriguing choice. This is another guy, like Neill Blomkamp, who could be a bit of a risk to direct his first feature film, but with a potentially huge pay off. Check out his short film The Silent City (starring Cillian Murphy) below and see what you think.

[gv data=”_MfNyfwwfV4″][/gv]

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  • Ian

    The short you posted here seems like a cut scene to an fps. Still whow knows this director might bring something cool. The ironic thing is that if they rely too heavily on visual effects (as opposed to practical special effects and set design) then the film will essentially be an animated movie.

  • MoriaOrc

    I like the short.
    Akira is my 2nd favorite movie of all time.
    It introduced me to the concept of an apocalypse which gave me nightmares and also introduced me to cool art from Japan.
    There are maybe only a couple of film properties I could get worked up to go fan boy internet crazy as hell about and Akira is one of them.

    I think Akira gets a bad rap due to the confusing original english dub.I prefer that dub because it was the first version I saw but I understand why they made a new dub in 2000.
    The Akira manga has several phone book sized volumes which explains the world in greater detail which could serve the filmakers well.
    They would also do well to consult with Katsuhiro Otomo.

    There is so much potential for an awesome epic live action film with Akira.
    Futuristic bike gangs racing around a city in a fight for love,friendship and a future that does not include annihilation by government grown mutant children sounds like a great movie to me.

    I am excited to see what directions this could take.

    I do not think an asian over an english director is required.
    I do think I would be pretty disappointed if the film was not set in a post apocalyptic Japan in favor of New York or something.