Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera Teaser Trailer

Although I still have yet to see Saw II and III (and I probably won’t be seeing Saw IV this weekend either), I’ve really got nothing against director Darren Lynn Bousman. As a card-carrying member of the Splat Pack, I’m sure he does a great job at grossing people out — it’s just that James Wan’s first Saw movie disappointed me so much with its hammy acting that I lost interest in the series. Up next for Bousman, however, is a feature film adaptation of a musical he directed for the stage called Repo! The Genetic Opera, and I must admit to being somewhat curious. It stars Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, and Paris Hilton (yes, Paris Hilton), in a not so distant future where a health epidemic causes people to require replacement organs through financing programs.

The first teaser trailer premiered during the Spike TV Scream Awards yesterday, and although the premise sounded cool, I have to say this looks completely and utterly wack! I was also pretty annoyed by the music… which is a bit of a problem, since it’s a musical. The Rocky Horror Picture Show it ain’t. At least it’s something different I suppose, but personally I think Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd is looking a thousand times better than this if you want to talk horror musicals. Check out the teaser trailer below and give us your thoughts on this flick. Repo! The Genetic Opera is currently scheduled for release on April 25th.

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  • cuebert

    That’s quite an interesting trailer. I found they tried to make the singing to be in the vain of ‘Phantom .. but with a bit of a mainstream industrial beat in the background.

    I’m not saying I liked it.. by any means, but judging by the trailer, I wouldn’t expect much, but I would bet it’s a fun cheesy watch, obviously not comparable to RHPS (but really, what is?).

  • Roy

    looks intresting i will check it out but the thing that will make me hate it paris hilton.

  • newmark

    Looks terrible. And silly as well.

  • Will

    Can’t wait to see torture, mutilation and evisceration up close and personal? I saw about as much of this movie as I could stand. Another cheap, slicer-dicer with poor staging, and sloppy film and sound editing. This disgusting and sensationalized “film adaptation” is literally a slap in the face to the original stage production. And who wants to pay $10 to see Hilton play herself? They can use all the phony PR they want to — — gross miscasting, and an even worse mistake in judgment.

  • loo

    It looks awesome.

    Every major review has said it will be awesome.

    The cast is awesome.

    The music is amazing.

    You people are nuts if you think this movie won’t be short of huge.