Pee-wee Herman Teams Up With Todd Solondz

I’ll be the first to admit that Todd Solondz’ last two movies, Storytelling and Palindromes, were not his finest works, but they still had elements of his patented dark humour and plenty of “squirm in your seat” awkward moments. You can’t help but wonder what’s going through his twisted mind sometimes, and what he is going to unleash on the world next. Well, according to an article at Yahoo!, he will begin shooting a new film this fall that will star Paul Reubens in a dramatic role. It’s unclear whether or not Reubens is the “star” of the movie per se, I have to admit this sounds like a match made in heaven. Reubens has been revitalizing his career as of late by exploring his darker side, although he still hopes to have a couple of new Pee-wee Herman movies in the works in the near future as well. Solondz has supposedly said that this next flick will be a “companion piece” to Welcome To The Dollhouse and Happiness, although I don’t know if I believe that since I remember him saying something similar about Palindromes. At any rate, this is definitely something to look forward to.

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  • Mike

    Paul Reubens was on an episode of las seasons 30 Rock and it was one of the funniest TV moments I have ever seen. That being said I am looking forward to whatever comes of this.