Grindhouse To Be Split for North American DVD Release

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the DVD release of the Tarantino/Rodriguez double bill Grindhouse, you may be a little disappointed when you hear this next bit of news. According to Davis DVD, Genius Entertainment and The Weinstein Co. have set a release date of September 18th for Quentin Tarantino’s film Death Proof. No date has been set for Rodriguez’ Planet Terror as of yet, but this essentially confirms that the movies will be released separately on DVD in order to try and recoup some of their losses from the weak theatrical run. We can probably assume this release will feature the longer cut of Death Proof that Tarantino entered into the Cannes festival; we can also probably assume that they will release both movies as barebones discs individually before putting out some sort of uber-special edition combined package a year later. Of course, I’m still waiting for Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair on DVD, so I’m not gonna hold my breath for that special edition. We’ll have more details on this release as they are announced.

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  • Aaron Moore

    I think it’s lame that their splitting them up like that… especially since Death Proof was the one I disliked. Hopefully they’ll make news about Planet Terror. Then again I’m still wondering when Jericho comes on DVD so …

  • I’m pretty sure Jericho is coming out in September…

  • I watched Death Proof a second time and appreciated it more, but probably not enough to buy on its own (at least at retail price) – I really really REALLY wanted the two together. this upsets me.

  • Mike


  • I really don’t mind as long as the have a crap load of extras. If it just the movies.. i will pass.

  • Carlos

    This is such a joke!! I just don’t get what these people are thinking. In the UK first we get stiffed with the theatrical release, now with the DVD’s. To release these seperate and possibly have no exatras, i just can’t see why they think that will help them recope there money????

  • lee

    A serious let down that ensures the loss of at least my purchase of the films. It would always feel like the one is missing the other.

  • Jonathan

    Hang on, isn’t the point of a Grindhouse to show exploitation films in succession, say 2 or 3 movies shown to an audience in one big go? Surely then splitting them up makes the title “grindhouse” redundant?


    BOO F*#%ING HOO! Ill still buy them both…

  • TheCroona

    One night with Goona,
    Underneath the full moon(ahh).
    Skid marks on the doona,
    From one night, with Goona.

  • TheCroona

    What a bunch of characters you are. I will buy both. And I don’t care about extras or any of that stuff. Joe Pinchpenny called, he wants his personality back. BECAUSE YOUSE STOLE IT!

    Also, I jut laid the smooth lyrics on you. From a song by my band, “ThrashPuss”.

    Maybe it will settle the fire in your bellies. And it was single edition, so wont cost you anything.

  • mthrfcker

    who the fuck liked kill bill anyway.

  • hm

    i only hope it doesn’t happen.

  • “Surely then splitting them up makes the title ‘grindhouse’ redundant?”

    It’s not so much redundant as it is blatantly wrong and inappropriate. Though, judging by the graphic above, the movies will be released under their actual titles and not “Grindhouse.”

  • Here it was ‘Death Proof’ a grindhouse feature!

  • tyler

    that sucks!! wasnt the two of them together the whole point of a grindhouse flick!?!?

  • scumofthemoon

    im not buying it out of protest, esp cos the mock trailers are the best bit. as if these studios dont earn enough money without scumbagging

  • Djones

    R U SERIOUS?!?! SEPREATELY! Quentin…Man surely you are going to let this get by! I would like to meet the jackass businessman who even mentioned this idea. I would rather them not release the movies at all, than to release them seperately. If you are going to release a dvd damnit do it right..or dont do it all. Hopefully there will be a special collectors edition with both movies and the commercial (the way it was presented to us in the theaters) avalible to us. (grrrr i cant believe this!)

  • Rachael

    i think that’s completely redunkulous. yes, redunkulous.

  • I heard Planet Terror will be released October 16th. That’s 1 month after Death Proof!! I also heard they’re taking out all the faux trailers (except Machete). Those were the best parts or both segments.

  • jackson death

    what about the comercials they had in between the two movies. i told all my friends about them and now there going to think i made that up. DON’T make me look like a liar.

  • Stuntman Mike

    IN MY BOOK THAT’S NO GOOD. Well, I actually have… a book. And everybody I ever met goes in this book. And now I’ve met you Quentin and Robert, and… YOU’RE GOING IN THE BOOK TOO. Unfortunately, now I’m gonna have to file you both under chicken… shit.

    Nah, I’m just playin, I’m still buyin’ them BOTH, and will buy the collector’s edition and will buy every DVD that comes out with grindhouse on it; if that means a whole dvd devoted to the trailers, then i’ll still make a great purchase.

  • Bombtech

    Watching it at the theatre with the FN hilarious previews for other movies before one flick and during intermission before the next was part of the film as a whole. They really stuck a weenie to the fans of their work and this film by splitting the movies. Two explosive hits on one big screen means shit as of last Tuesday. The flow is gone. I hate hollywood!!!!

  • This is NOT a marketing ploy, you fucking retard. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez never intended PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF to be released as ANYTHING OTHER THAN TWO FILMS on DVD. They only intended the films to be seen as a double feature theatrically. Why do you want to give out stupid advice like “ignore the DVDs”? The DVDs will be BETTER than what was presented theatrically. Not only will you be getting the shortened theatrical versions of each film, you will get the FULL VERSIONS that they had to edit down in order to fit into a double feature. I’ve got news for you, buddy. They’re never releasing the double feature on DVD. You snooze, you lose. I’m sorry that you missed out on the greatest theatrical experience of the 20th Century, but why are you complaining that they are not releasing TWO INDIVIDUAL FILMS as A SINGLE FILM? Just buy the fucking DVDs and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • Before anyone says anything, I want to apologize for the “retard” remark. That was going over the edge. I would have used a different word, but this shit frustrates me.

  • grilleth braums

    Hey, GrindhouseFan, your comment was the dumbest shit I’ve ever read in my life. I saw Grindhouse in the theater, and it was a wonderful theatrical experience. It was nothing but pure entertainment, and I hate it for anyone who didn’t have the pleasure to witness it on the big screen.

    I have also seen both of the dvd versions. Planet Terror was pretty much just as good as I remembered. Death Proof, a okay but not great movie, sucked ass on dvd. The extended version showed the whole world why that extra 30 minutes or so needed to be cut out. It added nothing to the story, and quite frankly, it bored the shit out of me. They also edited out the part where the frames were missing and where the theater apologizes for the inconvenience. That actually made the movie better. At least Planet Terror kept that part in.

    We , the fans, are really robbed by the producers not including the funny fake trailers. The phony trailer for Machete is included in Planet Terror, but the trailers in between the two movies aren’t included in any of the dvds.

    Personally, I won’t buy any of it until they produce a Grindhouse complete edition, with the theatrical release of the two movies plus the funny phony trailers. Any other so-called Grindhouse release is a bunch of horseshit that nobody in their right mind should ever purchase. I hope they lose a shitload of money by splitting the two movies, adding unnecessary bullshit, and depriving us of the trailers.