Steve Buscemi’s Interview Trailer Starring Sienna Miller

Letting an actor or actress try his/her hand at directing can be a risky proposition. It may seem like a logical extension of their careers to get behind the camera, and yet, not all of them are cut out for it. For every Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson, there are plenty of others that aren’t so successful. Although Steve Buscemi is still primarily known as an actor, he is slowly building up an impressive resume of films that he has directed himself, with titles like Trees Lounge, Animal Factory and Lonesome Jim, not to mention a few episodes of The Sopranos all speaking to his burgeoning talent. Next up is a remake of a Dutch film called Interview, about a political journalist who is reluctantly forced by his editor to interview a popular soap actress (Sienna Miller). Neither of them really want to be there, but yet somehow they find themselves hitting it off and learning something from each other. Being that it is a character-driven, dialogue-heavy piece, I don’t think the film really works all that well as a trailer, and I imagine this is the kind of art house flick that a lot of people will completely overlook. After seeing Lonesome Jim and enjoying it a great deal, however, I have to say that I’m curious to see what Buscemi does next and the concept sounds like it could be a clever commentary on celebrity and how appearances can be deceiving. Check out the trailer over at Moviefone; Interview hits select theatres on July 13th.

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  • Croft

    Animal Factory was fantastic

  • the original is by theo van gogh, the movie director that was assassinated by a muslim terrorist!

  • Animal Factory was a great film. I think this trailer looks interesting. He’s got my attention.