Tom Hanks and Dan Brown Have Dinner with the Illuminati?

Here’s a fun little news story that’s sure to interest conspiracy nuts. As you have no doubt heard, another Dan Brown novel is being brought to the big screen by the same team that gave us The Da Vinci Code. Angels & Demons is the prequel to Da Vinci, where instead of chasing down dark secrets about the Vatican, Robert Langdon becomes entangled in a plot involving the Illuminati. (The Illuminati are a legendary secret society, believed by some to be still in existence today, that grew out of a 1700’s group of intellectuals and politicians controlling world affairs.) Well according to the Italian media, both Dan Brown and Tom Hanks (who will again reprise his role in the new film) had dinner last night with Giuliani Di Bernardo… a man long suspected of being a member of the Illuminati! Also reportedly in attendance were Rupert Murdoch and several other high ranking political figures.

Could it be??? Have the Illuminati already managed to compromise this film? Is Dan Brown actually a member? What secrets are they trying to keep from us? Was Ron Howard not intellectual enough to be invited? This brings up so many fascinating questions that I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps they were just getting together to dream up clever easter eggs that they could hide in the DVD release. While in all likelihood this is just a ridiculous rumour, I have to admit I would be pretty impressed if this was actually part of an elaborate promotional campaign for the film.

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  • Henrik

    It would be even more awesome if the Illuminati actually were real, and Tom Hanks went JC Denton on them.

  • Chopper Sr.

    i was really disappointed with the DaVinci Code flick, i really hope that they redeem themselves with Angels And Demons.

  • The illuminati is very real. They are the UN, the CFR and the Bilderbergers.

    I’m not a nut and I won’t rant but you’ll find the subject matter to search under is New World Order and if you want to take it further look up Alex Jone’s new flick Endgame and a film called Zeitgeist. I don’t base my conclusion on some crap I’ve read either, i’ve written a 400 page document on the factual historical existence of the group and i’m currently producing my own film as a graduate.

    You’ll find that they are very real.

  • Billatoras

    Illuminati were real. It wasn’t a cospirancy of course. It was something like a union of scientists (Newton & others e.g.) who wanted to hide their work on sciences from Church (Catholic Church). Believe it or not… that’s the truth.

  • Spectrum

    The Illuminate are “so real” that it’s best to stop talking about them.

  • AMT

    The Illuminati are so real. Read about them. Spread the word they are REAL.

  • Goon

    Zeitgeist is for retards.

    There, I said it. It’s a retard movie for retards.

  • Uh oh….if Goon hates it, I better look into it ;)

  • Goon

    Every part of that movie is for people who want an answer before they actually honestly consider the evidence. And yes, even the anti-religion part, even though I’m an atheist. They use that section to butter people up and try to wane off integrity for the batshit other two parts, the third of which is not only wrong, but would probably put you in jail.

  • Goon

    There are not many things I place in life lower than being a true conspiracy theorist. They have no idea how many actual world problems they actually trivialize and ignore in place of focusing on these bullshit larger grand schemes.

    A quick jab from the Globe & Mail that I like…

    “For all their absurdity, conspiracy theorists try to drag everything back to the level of common sense. Did the collapsing buildings on 9/11 look like they were being demolished? Then they must have been demolished. Did the 757 that hit the Pentagon’s blast-proof walls fail to make a plane-shaped hole? Then it must have been something else. Are there unexplained quirks in the official story? Then it must be the work of a higher power. Conspiracy theorists want to see a malevolent design behind events. The notion that calamity might be the unintended consequence of subtler causes doesn’t hold the same appeal. Evil, whatever its other uses, drives a great narrative. Complexity, not so much.”

    They have their mind made up and let that decide which evidence is true, and what is part of the ‘conspiracy’ – they’re as low if not lower than Intelligent Design proponents.

    And back around 2002, I used to be a conspiracy theorist. A time comes though, when you have to face the reality that the world may be out to get you, but its not by any grand complex design or method. believing that such conspiracies from the same people who fucked up the Iraq war so hard and couldn’t even fake a Bin Laden capture, get water to New Orleans or something like it to help save their failed neoconservative stronghold over America, is just nonsense.

    And the token comeback to executing such reason is something like “That’s exactly what they want you to think!”

    and then were’ back to looking at Alex Jones mini spy helicopters and that you can’t spell “RAMSEY” without “ARES” the god of war, and that Ares has four letters and 4 is the Japanese number of death, this fucking ridiculous subculture so afraid of a Grand Cult that it isn’t even aware that it is itself, probably much of a cult than the rich children who snorted coke behind the doors of Skull & Bones.

    So yeah, go investigate it if you wish. It’s your right to choose to be retarded, but its still fucking retarded.

  • Mouser

    I admire this blog for allowing total freedom of speech – even when what the poster says is completely incorrect.
    It is good for the majority of us who are awake and post in many blogs to see there are still people who believe the mainstream media fairytale where two planes caused three skyscapers to fall at freefall speed.
    You Goon, are NOT part of the solution therefore you are a part of the problem.
    Are you going to get yourself some Tamiflu vaccine today because the MSM told you to?
    That way you can be a part of the sheeple herd which gets kulled!
    Even through you are trolling there comes forth an element of what you really do believe. People such as yourself – who are blind because they refuse to see the truth – are paving the way for our puppet leaders to lead all Western peoples into the desert.
    Your comments show a predjudice more common in simple people.
    Welcome to your lot in life Goon – you are but a bit of flem that I strongly desire to spit out of my mouth as soon as possible.

  • thank you Mouser for coming to film junk! please please answer the nagging conspiracy in my life: Is Tom Cruise really gay?

  • fartman

    all yall are retards

  • First of all most of you are idiots in the first place. Some people are extremely curious and become conspiracy theorists by nature. In fact people have been searching to justify everything since time began. It’s obvious there will be plenty of nut jobs and loons, but that doesn’t mean that every word they say is false or made up. If you’re an inquisitive person, google “Hitlers Big Lie” and search for the part where he writes how the feminine traits in all of us exist. If we hear someone saying something we dislike, we’ll tune it out completely. If someone seems to believe something you don’t, or that you think is impossible, you instantly label them a conspiracy theorist, discredit everything they say, and furthermore think that they are conspiracy theorists about everything! That’s the human way. And when all you’re doing is trying to walk away from the argument saying you’re right — that my friend is sheer ignorance and arrogance.

    Loose Change was one of the things that made me HATE conspiracy theorists. I realized that half or more of this argument was of things that first of all weren’t readily available to look up, and second of all, many of these facts were merely made up. Simply saying “this plane could not cause this damage,” and having one nut job with a PhD say it’s true. Anyways, while a lot of Loose Change is completely unfounded, there’s still a conspiracy-like amount of transparency between us and the federal government. Regardless of what the truth is, the government has withheld facts that we deserve to know.

    I’ll conclude in maybe surprising you (or not surprising you) by encouraging you to do research on Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and so on. Our Secretaries of Defense and Treasury both attend, as well as both Hillary and Obama in 2008. Others in these meetings include Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (father was an SS officer), the Prince of Spain, Kissinger, Rockefeller, and other multi-billionaire globalists/eugenecists/pantheists. And while there are real secret societies with dramatic dresses and rituals like Bohemian Grove, the true modern global elite are nothing like this media portrays it to be. But if you really intend to argue that what these people are discussing either has no relevance to us or isn’t corrupt and evil, then you’re ignorant by choice, haven’t studied history, and even further their agenda by proclaiming that demanding transparency is nutty or strictly conspiratorial.

  • Goon

    Mouser, the second you said “sheeple” is the second I erased every other word you said from my memory, and just began laughing :P

  • Tomas

    Ya Mouser, Goon is very sensitive to words like sheeple and lemming because he sees himself as a conforming non comformist :D

  • “It is good for the majority of us who are awake and post in many blogs to see there are still people who believe the mainstream media fairytale where two planes caused three skyscapers to fall at freefall speed”

    Out of curiosity, Mouser, what speed is falling skyscraper debris supposed to fall at? Is it a different speed then other types of debris? And if, as you suggest, two airliners could never realisticly bring down three skyscrapers… Why did the conspiracists use the cover of airliner crashes to bring down three skyscrapers? Or (sorry for having so many questions!) why didn’t the conspiracists at least detonate the few thousand pounds of explosives and wiring hidden on every floor of the building in peoples desks or chairs, or computers (or wherever they hid it all) at the same time the planes hit? Wouldn’t that have been more convincing?

    Oh and, if the government cant keep Clinton’s humdingers from an intern a secret, how pray tell has the government (or the illuminati for that matter)managed to keep this whole thing a secret? I mean, wouldn’t a conspiracy to blow up two of the largest buildings in New York involve tens of thousands of people? And thousands of manhours? And millions/billions of dollars? Seems like a pretty hard secret to keep…

    Thanks! I really want to hear your answers and “Spare Change” never really tried to tackle these ones.

    Ok Thanks Mouser!

    – Shut-Up ED

  • Eh..

    Shut-up Ed, maybe the Clinton scandal was a distraction purported by the media, to avert attention away from worse crimes, or real world matters? Must placate and deceive the masses. Blow up the trivial events and watch the flames roar in a puritanically-based culture. Seems easy to me.

    Can you imagine the technology invented that could possibly involve something small and numerous enough to help collapse buildings? I don’t see how “conspiracy” theorists are really thinking that out there. A lot of what they say seems plausible, albeit abrasive when dripping in conspirative rhetoric.

    Why are we always so concerned with buying more stuff?