Remake of John Carpenter’s Christine Shifts Into Gear

Another John Carpenter remake? You’ve got to be kidding me. I think this guy is going to live forever as far as Hollywood is concerned, because his work just seems to keep recycling itself every couple of decades. This time around it appears that his 1983 flick Christine is the next on the operating table, with Disturbia screenwriter Christopher Landon (yes, that’s right, son of Michael Landon) looking to write the new version. He’ll reportedly be sticking a bit closer to the original Stephen King source material, which in his opinion was “more of a possession story than it was just a killer car”. Hopefully he doesn’t eliminate the killer car action entirely, because let’s face it, killer cars rule. Add an AC/DC soundtrack and you’ve got a combination that’s hard to beat. Hey, maybe they can get Kevin Bacon involved this time around, since he apparently turned down the lead in the original to star in Footloose instead. What a fool. A deal is still in the works, with no word on who might direct at this time. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one.

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  • Ryan

    i hope they use 4 doors cause they would be missed and i hope they use 50s and 60s rock and roll songs instead of this crap music today i love my oldies

  • Sean

    The 1983 version of Christine and the storyline that Carpenter took was and will always be a classic. However, it would be great for soemone (even Carpenter) to re-do the same story and allow a new generation of moviegoers to have a chance to enjoy it.



  • Tim

    I hope Christine is remade to follow the book more closely, the way the car goes after people is much better in the book. The Movie itself is not bad, but the book is much better.

    Tim W.

  • It is disgusting to me that Hollywood apparently has NO ONE who can use their own imagination…. instead they insist on copying the work of others! Sure, they DID stray from the book’s story line a litte, but it worked for the film; therefore, that is not a reason to redo this movie! In fact, it appears to be even a lame excuse. This movie is a classic and hopefully will end up with the same response as Psycho did when they attempted to copy that classic work!

  • Shiroki

    hmm not gonna lie i the book was much better and i’ll alway’s love this movie i hope it turns out good and they should keep the score from the frist movie. they should stay closer to the book this time around tho that be best

  • Anonymous

    I love the book and I love the movie. I think that considering the crucial information that was left out of the movie, Carpenter worked with the deviations pretty well. I like the twist of Christine just being “born bad” versus being possessed by LeBay, although I feel that the difference made the movie much, much less scary.

    I would love to see a re-adaptation/remake/whatever you want to call it of Christine. :)

  • How about getting Christine back while she is fixing herself instead of being totally ruined by Petunia, and add the line..”Christine’s Horror, Reborn for another generation!’ Have LeBay’s skeleton et al, shown, it’s gross,Yes, effective, definitely. Don’t have her kill Arnie, but his parents while they are forced to sit in Christine, the death smell. Yuck. Show bth hamburger scenes, with the handy Heimlich maneuver in each. Explain LeBay;s background, why his spirit(malevolent) may have reborn in Christine. The funeral of Roland LeBay, he was so hated that only his brother and maybe his wife came to the funeral. Don’t kill Christine again, or attempt to. She’ll get you next. Just kidding. Stay true to the novel, it is plenty scary as it was. I take back the graveyard smell for the theaters, that would be too much. Just like the book.

  • anonomous

    i hope they dont destroy any more plymouths or use any of the crappy music weve had since the 90’s

  • Car Collector

    I hope they dont remake because nothing is better than the original but i do think they should make a sequel.