Ron Jeremy was an Extra in Ghostbusters?

Well here’s an interesting bit of Ghostbusters trivia that has come to the surface 20-some odd years later. It seems that Ron Jeremy, perhaps the most famous male porn star of all-time, actually appears as an extra in the film! According to Ghostbusters fan site Proton Charging, Jeremy has confirmed this little known appearance as being 100% true. If you want to see it for yourself, load up your Ghostbusters DVD and head towards the end of the film (it was around the 1:08 mark on my DVD). Just after the containment unit is shut down and Janine remarks, “It’s a sign, alright… of going out of business”, there is a cut to a crowd scene where you can very clearly see a man on the left side of the screen with wild hair and a mustache. It sure looks like The Hedgehog to me. What do you think? And always remember, when dealing with proton guns, “Don’t cross the streams.”

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  • DarkSock

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    He who urinates in draft animals, ends up with pissed off livestock.

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    A guy named Darksock peed in a horse once.

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    DarkSock’s sexual exploits make Ron Jeremy’s look like the pathetic attempts of a Catholic school boy.