Weekly Poll Results: Comic Book Movies You’d Like To See Next

Last week we asked you guys what comic book characters you were still itching to see on the big screen, and according to our poll results, a whopping 25% of you really, really want to see the Green Lantern! I had no idea he was so popular. I’m assuming most of the people who voted for it did not have the Jack Black comedic take on the comic in mind (which, I recently found out, was going to be based on a screenplay by Robert Smigel… now THAT would have been interesting). The Avengers is a pretty obvious one I think… if not as a team, then at least some of the individual characters. Assuming Jon Favreau’s Iron Man is successful, they could introduce other team members any number of ways. I was pretty surprised to see Marvel Zombies and Lobo so high on the list as well, but I do think they would be pretty neat to see. What are some of your favourites that weren’t included in the poll? Next week’s poll: worst parody movies!

1. Green Lantern — 25.2%
2. The Avengers — 20.2%
3. Marvel Zombies — 10.9%
4. The Flash — 10.1%
5. Lobo — 9.2%
6. Preacher — 8.4%
7. She-Hulk — 6.7%
8. Y The Last Man — 5.0%
9. Transmetropolitan — 2.5%
10. The Authority — 1.7%

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  • Henrik

    Tom Strong, I think could be good. Spike Lee could direct?

    You should have not let the hype get you this much, and done a poll regarding which comic books should NOT be made into a movie.

  • Lobo and Transmetropolitan should never be made into movies. That said, if done right, they would be the best potential movies out of that list. The others seem way too straight forward.