Tales of a Star Wars Virgin

Henrik sent me a link to this interesting little Entertainment Weekly piece written by a Star Wars virgin who recently sat down to watch all 6 movies for the first time back to back (Cinemax aired them in HD a couple of weekends ago). I know there are more than a few people like this out there who have never seen any of the Star Wars movies, and they almost seem to revel in their ignorance, refusing to give in to what is probably the most popular movie franchise ever made (Roman I’m looking at you buddy!). And sure, there are some fun jabs to be had on either side, but when you stop and think about it, it actually must be a little strange to be so disconnected from something that has become such a huge part of our cultural landscape.

Even weirder still is the idea of watching the movies for the first time, starting with Episode I and working through to the original trilogy. Chronologically speaking, this is the way they were meant to be seen, but I somehow doubt they work very well in this order. As the writer puts it, there are no surprises in episodes 4 to 6, and “most of the mysteries and questions that drive the plots of the later episodes are nullified by having seen the first three”. This, I think, even moreso than Jar Jar Binks, is the biggest problem with Lucas’ prequels. He also brings up the most important point of all: the fact that without Star Wars, Spaceballs just doesn’t make any sense… and a world without Spaceballs is a sad one indeed! The article is definitely worth a read, check it out now via the link below.

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