Wicked Wisdom: Jada Pinkett Smith’s Metal Band

A lot of people complain when pop musicians decide that they want to break into acting, but personally I think I get more annoyed with the reverse scenario — when actors get musical aspirations and decide that they want to be “rockers”. I’m not saying it isn’t possible for some people to possess both acting and musical talent, but let’s face it, in most cases these actors end up fronting bands that ride the coattails of their celebrity status. (It must suck to be the other members of the band.) To name just a few examples, there’s Keanu Reeves (Dogstar), Russell Crowe (The Ordinary Fear of God), Dennis Quaid (Dennis Quad And The Sharks), Juliette Lewis (Juliette & The Licks) and Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars).

Chian just sent me a link this morning to one of the most strange and unexpected actor-fronted bands yet… Jada Pinkett Smith’s Wicked Wisdom. Would it surprise you to learn that Will Smith’s wife fronts a metal band? No, this isn’t a joke. Their debut self-titled album was released in June on Suburban Noize Records. “I’ve been told all my life I can’t sing and that’s why it took me so long to put a band together. I was always so scared, you know, going to an arts school you got to do everything, you got to be what we call a triple threat.” I have no comment on the music itself, but you have to check out their recent performance on David Letterman… it’s kind of like stepping into an alternate dimenson. To hear more music, visit their MySpace page.

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  • Chopper

    i heard about jada fronting a metal band back in the summer and i just had to giggle. i really wish that these ‘celebrities’ would pick either music or movies and stick with it. i think the music industry is better at the acting, then the actors trying a music career.

    sean that should be the next question, who do you think does a better job, musicians as actors or actors as musicians.

  • I’m not sure Keanu Reeves fits into this category all that well because he was in that band for years before he “hit it big” as an actor.

    As for this particular story…HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    I’m going over to take a listen. I HAVE to hear this.

  • They suck, but she makes them suck.

  • Oh, I forgot that picture just SCREAMS….”Poseurs!”

  • HallelujahHollaBack

    baychuck, go suck a dick. They’re not “poseurs” like you are. They are experienced, serious musicians, and Jada pinkett might be a newb, but she was into rock music way before she became an actor.

    And to the author of the article, she’s not “will smiths’ wife”, she’s JADA PINKETT SMITH. Yes she’s married to will smith, but she has her own name, you know.

    She was an actor LONG before she even met will smith.

    Anyways, this is not so shocking as it is if you knew about jada’s early life..she had a mohawk in high school for fuck’s sake! She’s always been somewhat of a “rebel” into metal and other types of music of a “rebelious” nature.

    What, is she supposed to limit herself as just an actress because YOU say so? Puh-lease. If she wants to be an actress, in a metal band, an astronaut, that’s up to her. Not you. Any way you slice it, she’s an ENTERTAINER. She’s an ARTIST. No matter what FORM that may take on. Music, film, painting, whatever. She has the opportunity to express herself in many different artistic ways, and I’m very happy for her in that sense.

    So all the haters, just step off. And to anyone out there being hated on, just “dust ya shoulders off”.

    Oh and besides all of that, the music is awesome in my opinion. Have a listen at myspace.com/wickedwisdomband ..I think it’s great.

  • Gary


    Don’t let the haters get to you. You have a great thing going for you. I have alot of bands in my family and when they started out there was always someone who has to stand on a crate and talk @#@#*…tell them to sweep their own porch before they sweep yours. Anyway, say hello to Harry for me…I’m his bartender at the club…take care, Gary

  • Kayle

    Good for her! Music, Art and Drama – all part of entertainment we love.

  • jessica

    listening to their music, not the fact she is an actor, or whatever. but she does dick ass in her own way playing this music. i personally think she is kick ass and is paving the way for others who want to start a band. dude “bleed all over me” is an inspiration and one of my favorit songs. not every song they come up with is going to be awesome but, fuck, leave this chick alone or she will take her metal singing boot up your poser ass!! keep doing what your doing chick!! p.s. i would love to see them live<33

  • jessica

    lol i mean kick ass… typo…