Stephen Gaghan To Adapt Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink

In the department of “old news that’s new to me” comes this story about another popular book that’s about to get the big screen treatment. Stephen Gaghan, screenwriter of Traffic and writer/director of Syriana, is reportedly in the process of turning Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book Blink into a movie. The book is a fascinating read, using little anecdotes to demonstrate the power of our mind to make snap decisions (both good and bad) in the “blink” of an eye. But here’s the weird thing: it’s a non-fiction book. So how do you turn a non-fiction book into a movie that isn’t a documentary? Well, a similar feat is currently being attempted by Richard Linklater with his upcoming movie Fast Food Nation. For Blink, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star as a writer based on Malcolm Gladwell himself, who will then encounter some of the various real-life characters that appear in the book. I’m not completely sure if it can work, but I am reminded of another certain book/movie that interwove fiction with non-fiction by the name of The Da Vinci Code. Ironically, I was just reading on IMDB that Stephen Gaghan was offered the chance to write the screenplay for The Da Vinci Code but turned it down. Now that takes balls!

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  • It’s what they do when “non-fiction” is being adapted into a movie like in that movie adaptation the writer must be inserted to become a character. I don’t know I have a real problem with the classification for some non-fiction “novels” or whatnot. Atleast with a movie you know that it is not supposed to be real (assuming it’s not an authentic documentary) so it’s less likely to be be out and out propaganda. Who knows how Linklater or Gaghan will approach their material but I’ll certainly take a critical eye to where filmic fiction takes over and embellishes truth.

  • Chopper

    this sounds like an interest book and i wouldnt mind checking it out. and it would be interesting to see how they would make it into a movie.

  • I’m not sure that Gaghan passing up writing TDC required him to have any balls. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that didn’t *love* the bloody book. It’s just not that great!

  • julia roberts

    this book sucks i hate it. and that dollars to donuts thing was funny dan the fag. i would rather read that 10 times than read this this lying book. we are doing this project on it and it sucks can you help us…please thanks again dan the fag. jk your awesome and not a fag


  • This book made me relize my life sucked. I used to think there was a purpose to life but malcom just took it away. Everytime I read that book I cry inside. It also reminded my of Vietnam when those damn commies chopped off my legs and used them for decorative lamp posts. I have learned to deal with the pain. Now I beat my wife to take out my frustration. Another book like this and I will have shut the garage and run the car until I slowly asphicsiate.