Snakes On A Plane Safety Poster and Video

Mark my words, a few years from now Snakes On A Plane will be the ultimate case study in successful movie marketing. I think I’ve pretty much given up worrying about whether or not this movie will be good, and just surrendered myself to the unending flow of creative marketing gimmicks. I can’t get enough. Yesterday after we recorded the podcast, Greg mentioned that he had seen a new Snakes On A Plane poster done up like an airplane safety instruction sheet. I’m not sure if this is old news, but I managed to locate a version of this poster online for your viewing enjoyment. Seriously, how wicked is this poster? You can also watch a short airplane safety video parody that they used at Comic Con. Snakes On A Plane hits theatres this Friday, but more importantly… Snakes On A Train, on DVD tomorrow!

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  • This poster is awesome. The kind of thing that will be a collectible in a few years. As for Snaked on a Train, I’m trying to reserve my copy. It’s totally a must watch!

  • Chopper

    the poster is a brilliant idea, this is probably the best marketing team i have ever seen. there is always something fresh to promote this movie. i want to see it, so it has done the job to getting me out and wanting to see it the first night.