Halo Motion Picture Finally Gets A Director

Looks like the wheels are in motion once again for the upcoming Halo movie, which is of course based on the best-selling X-Box video game franchise. After initial announcements about Alex Garland (28 Days Later) writing the script and Peter Jackson executive producing, a lot of people were speculating that Halo could actually be a cut above all the other terrible movies based on video games. But it still lacked a director. After trying unsuccessfully to pull Guillermo Del Toro away from his Hellboy sequel, Bungie and Peter Jackson set their sights on someone else. Today it was announced that the director of the Halo movie will be Neill Blomkamp, a first time director with a background in visual effects.

Now, before you go and scoff at how this is horrible news, you have to check out Blomkamp’s short film Alive in Joburg, along with his commercial work. You have to admit, those photorealistic effects are pretty impressive, and the style matches Halo perfectly. Blomkamp also received three Clio Awards and a Visual Effects Society Award for his television commercial Citroen-Alive with Technology, which is the commercial with the amazing transforming car. Now there’s a guy I’d let direct my movie ANY DAY. Hell, this guy should have directed the Transformers movie instead of Michael Bay!

Watch Alive In Joburb for free on Google Video now.

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  • I’d say you’re spot on. Many people are missing the fact this guys body of work is impressive. He’s the real deal.

  • I just started to play the first HALO game for xbox for the first time ever.

    I’m really loving this game and has some very cool moments in it that remind me of the “Deathstalker” novel series.

    I could see a movie out of this.

  • Actually, the vids from this site need to be considered.

    Hilarity to the MAX!


  • Actually here is Ep.#1 on you tube (fast loading).


    If the movie is like this, it can’t lose.

  • Chopper

    never played the game, i am sure that i am one of few to admit that one. so i dont really know much about the game so i cant say how the movie will work out.

  • Chopper…very sci-fi….you get to explore the vast reaches of the universe and kill anything that resides within ;)

    If you haven’t played it, and you have an xbox, I highly recommend it.

  • trent

    I have plaied the game and I liked the game a lot but I can’t see a two hour movie about a guy blowing up animated alians to be very entertaining after a few minutes, in video games you are controling the character, and in this movie all your going to do is watch the character. I haven’t seen a good adaptation of a video game to a movie yet, I would just wait a little bit long for the video games storys to get better.

  • Hey Trent, keep in mind, the movie will be a new story based on some of the mythology and background history they have developed for the game. It’s not an exact retelling of the events from the games.

    I agree that this is one of the major problems with all the video game adaptations so far though. Everyone is trying to be so true to the “game experience” that they are forgetting the fact that there needs to be a good story in there somewhere.

  • Rip

    If done well this could very well be one of the greatest movies. If an of you have read the books youll know what i mean. It doesnt have to be just about master chief. If its based more on the books than the game it should be awesome. I really hope they get its production back on.