HBO To Cancel Rome After Season 2

This week HBO chairman Chris Albrecht talked to Variety about the future of some of their original shows, specifically Larry David’s half-hour comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm and the massive historic epic Rome. He said they fully expect to have the 6th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm ready to go for 2007. Rome, on the other hand, looks to be on shaky ground from here on in. The second season, currently in production, is expected to air in March 2007. After that, however, the show will most likely not be back for a third. He cited production costs as being a major factor as its widely publicized $100 million budget was partially absorbed by production partners the BBC and Italy’s RAI, who only signed on for two seasons. I’m not even sure where they would go after a second season in terms of writing, considering how much historical ground they covered in just the first 12 episodes. Albrecht did, however, offer a brief glimmer of hope: “Then again, we may decide that the food in Rome is so good and figure out a way (to keep it going).”

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