John Woo’s He-Man Movie Put On Hold

I don’t know that I ever believed this project would actually happen, but from the sounds of it, John Woo’s live action He-Man movie is being put on hold indefinitely as of now. Woo has opted to do some movies back home in Hong Kong, which means all his American projects will just have to wait. (I suppose this means Spy Hunter will also be on the back burner.) Interestingly, Woo had a short list of names he was considering to play He-Man that included wrestler Triple H, Paul Walker, Matt Davis and Christopher Showerman. (Dolph Lundgren seems to have been overlooked.) Regarding Woo’s decision to return to Hong Kong, I think it could be a good career move for him. Most of his American films have been less than impressive and certainly not on par with any of his Hong Kong action classics. This could be just what he needs to revitalize his work.

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