WB’s Aquaman TV Series Hung Out To Dry

It looks like an Aquaman TV series was just not meant to be. Last month the CW (the new combined WB and UPN network) announced their fall 2006 line-up and Mercy Reef (The Aquaman TV series from the producers of Smallville) was not on it. This got a lot of people talking, and it wasn’t long before it became clear that yes, Aquaman had indeed been cancelled. On the surface, the concept seemed to good to be true. Another teen superhero drama like Smallville with a hot young cast plus an opportunity for plenty of bikinis and swim trunks. But I guess it’s tough to overcome the biases people have against the Aquaman character himself, who, let’s be honest, is not necessarily the coolest of superheroes. (Not to mention the tough competition for timeslots that resulted from the WB and UPN merging their line-ups.) A pilot for the series was shot starring Justin Hartley, Denise Quinones, Ving Rhames, Amber McDonald and Lou Diamond Phillips. A trailer for the show has been floating around the net if you want to see what might have been; you can currently watch it over at Crave Online. Read more about this not so surprising news over at AquamanTV.com.

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  • Chopper

    this did look alittle silly to me so i think that its good that we are not going to see it!

  • terrivo

    i just watched the pilot and thought it was great! much better than smallville. i’m an aquaman fan though. i always liked non conformists though. its a real shame they didn’t go forward with this.

  • Jennie LBN

    Oh Man come on… Are you for real I would had watched Aquaman over smalllville any day… I just watch it and was mad to find that there was no more of it… come on I want to see more… you know if you do it now it may have a better chance to make it this time smallvill is going to hell it is more boring then when it first came out. I hope that they make a aquaman show or at least a movie I would buy it in a heart beat

  • Ender


  • Anthony gonzalez

    Ok i just watched ep1 of Aquaman and i got hooked like right away. and when he mention training at the end i got so excited but then to find out there was no episode 2, and CW just gave up on the show tells me that they are losing touch with what grasps peoples interrests. and pretty soon others will start noticing soon…I cant tell you what a let down this has been.