The Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection?

Alright now, you’ve gotta admit, this is hilarious. If anyone out there has ever questioned whether or not Hollywood holds anything sacred, you now have your answer. It seems that The Passion of the Christ, that box office behemoth that made Mel Gibson more rich than most countries, is about to get a sequel — albeit an unofficial one. Sony Pictures is currently prepping a movie called The Resurrection for an Easter 2007 release. As we all know, with comic books and blockbuster movies, no one ever stays dead for long. Well of course The Bible was the real trendsetter here and the originator of that very concept, so The Resurrection naturally will continue where The Passion of the Christ left off: the death of Jesus, followed by his return 40 days later. The script was written by Lionel Chetwynd (scribe of such made-for-TV movies as Ike: Countdown to D-Day and Moses), and the producer is Reverend Tim LaHaye (co-author of the Left Behind books). Cinematical points out that James Caviezel is not likely to return, so let me be the first to suggest Kirk Cameron in his place. No word yet on who is directing but it sure ain’t Mel. Regardless, if they play their cards right this movie stands to make another truckload of cash.

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  • Please, please let this be a BAD joke. Please.

  • Nuno

    Any word on whether St. Catharine’s own, Cloud Ten Productions will be involved? I’m sure they could get Kirk for the role.

  • Yeah I was curious about that myself. They are in the same building as us at work… I’ll have to get my network of spies to start eavesdropping.

  • Arielle Williams

    say this is a very bad joke. this is offensive to the people that are perhaps religious in their own way. you reviewers are so disconnected to mainstream america. when i make movies (and i’m the road to doing it), i’ll make something i want to see and i think that people the movie is aimed towards will want to see also. ok? there is a difference between the hollywood mainstream and the regs, the white trash, the blue collars, the rednecks, and the people like me, that are in between. i mean, look how much money the passion made. 375 mil in the Us alone. don’t tell me that it wasn’t popular. I would love it though if kirk cameron was in this new movie

  • D.L. Marble

    Christ returned on the 3rd day not 40 days later, Hello!!!!

  • Candice

    You need to have some respect, don’t bash people’s beliefs and get your info right. Jesus rose from the dead three days later not 40. The point I make is the movie made money because its a TRUE story and it touched people’s heart. Made us feel like we were there gave us a sense of what JESUS went through for us, how much pain he endured. Another movie would have been and still would be great because the next part it so awesome! Jesus rose from the dead!! I will be praying for you boys! Please be more respectful! Jesus is real please try and find him! God Bless!