Yet Another American Pie Movie In The Works

As long as there are adolescent boys in this world, I believe American Pie movies will make money. And as long as the American Pie movies make money, I see no reason why they should ever stop making them. The last American Pie movie (American Pie Presents: Band Camp) went direct to DVD and sold over a million units in its first week of sales. Apparently people didn’t care that the original cast wasn’t involved (with the exception of Eugene Levy). Now from Moviehole comes news of a fifth American Pie movie, American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. This time around we will be introduced to yet another Stifler… Adam, the cousin of Matt and Steve. Sounds like this Stifler isn’t quite like his cousins, and is timid and uncertain similar to Jim in the original movies. Somehow his buddies talk him into helping host his college’s annual one mile naked run across campus. Sounds like a blast! And yes, word on the street is that Jim’s dad will somehow be written into this script as well, with Eugene Levy returning to reprise his role yet again. Poor guy. He’s a funny man, but what the heck happened to his career? At least he can always depend on Christopher Guest to find him a role in his movies too. American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile is being directed by Joe Nussbaum (George Lucas in Love) and will begin filming this month in Toronto.

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  • I liked the first American Pie the best. The third was really starting to show it was done like dinner. The second one was “meh”.

  • Chopper

    i liked the first 3 movies, the Band Camp one blew donkeys so i am just wondering how this new will do. it sucks that Levy is being pulled into these movies.

  • How do you know Levy isn’t the one who wants to do it for the money. I’m sure its good, especially when he’s the main guy (draw) in it.