Brad Anderson To Direct Remake of The Edukators

You know, if someone were to ask me right now what Hollywood needs to do to get people excited about seeing movies again, I would say… less remakes, more originality! Sure, I know, it’s a pipe dream, but seriously, why can’t anyone come up with new ideas lately? The latest remake on the horizon comes from acclaimed director Brad Anderson, who is best known for his horror/suspense movies Session 9 and The Machinist. Surprisingly, however, his next film will not be a horror remake, and I applaud Anderson for attempting to branch out a bit. Maybe I’m not the only one getting sick of the recent rash of horror flicks. Anderson has just been tapped to remake a German film called The Edukators, which received a limited theatrical release last year. Directed by Hans Weingartner, the story sounds a little bit like Fight Club, with two friends Peter and Jan breaking into rich people’s houses and leaving them threatening notes in an act of political rebellion. However, there is also a love triangle central to the plot, and Anderson seems eager to work on a movie that mixes multiple genres. Remakes of foreign movies at least do well to bring a movie to a wider audience, although when the original is already accessible in North America it does feel a bit redundant. I never saw the original myself, but I am curious about it, and I since I enjoyed Anderson’s last two films so I may be game for this when it eventually rolls into theatres.

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  • Chopper

    i agree i hate all these remakes coming out lately, it sucks that all these filmmakers are making big bucks on something that was done before. they should only charge half price for seeing these movies. think of something new and fresh.

  • I dont see any point of remaking a perfect movie like the edukators, why would anyone see a stupid copy version rather than the original version. Oh yeah, the damn marketting:@
    Ppl, go, see the german version, read subtitles… It’s not that hard..

  • BloodRedSky

    I agree with Berque. The Edukators was a brilliant film, certainly deserving of a wider audience. As he said, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to read subtitles.