Stacy Peralta Preps Documentary On The Doors

Skateboarder turned filmmaker Stacy Peralta is reportedly hard at work on his next project, which will be another documentary this time focusing on musical group The Doors and their influence. It will be titled Six Nights, Six Records, Six Years, and will focus on the broader social history behind the band, as opposed to being strictly a biopic. Both of Peralta’s previous documentaries Dogtown & Z Boys and Riding Giants were critically acclaimed and told the story of skateboarding and surfing respectively. The project is part of an effort by the band’s surviving members to introduce their music to a new generation… and when you put it that way, it all seems like a shameless cash grab. But with Peralta behind it, I have no doubts that it will help make The Doors cool again. A second documentary on The Doors is also in the works from director Bill Guttentag (Twin Towers).

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  • Chopper

    i love the doors and i would like to see this documentary. i havent seen any of this guys other flicks, but when you have a subject like the doors, how can you go wrong.

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  • kiba

    i luv the doors & lords of dog town they rock …….but when is the documentary coming out ?? all poem have wolves in it but one the most beautiful one of all :P