The Star Wars Kid Strikes Back (And Settles Out Of Court)

How much would you be willing to pay for someone to help bring you worldwide fame and celebrity status? What about asking them to pay you $351,000? This is what Ghyslain Raza (aka The Star Wars Kid) had demanded when he filed a lawsuit against 3 former classmates in 2003 who posted a certain video on the internet without his permission. The video featured Raza performing lightsaber maneuvers alone in front of the camera, and went on to become one of the most popular viral videos ever, eventually being parodied on such shows as Arrested Development and American Dad, and in the video game Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. It also made Raza’s life a living hell, as he was tormented on a daily basis by other kids at his school, and was eventually forced to leave the school for a private tutor. Now, three years later, Raza and his parents have reached an out-of-court settlement with the three bullies responsible for the prank. Terms of the settlement were not made public, so it is unclear whether or not there was monetary compensation involved. All I know is that if I were the Star Wars Kid, I would use the fame to my advantage… do some cameos in movies and TV shows, start up a blog or something. You simply can’t put a price on that kind of exposure!

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  • Goon

    350,000 grand is nothing to scoff at, so I wouldnt call him an idiot for not doing the rounds. At the same time, not having exploited the fame that route probably makes him seem more of a wimp/open to being teased…

  • zak

    of course you’d exploit it sean you’re a capitalist.
    however, i’m surprised he’s not suing the website that sells merchandise of star wars kid. he could probably collect a lot more from there.

  • Good point, he should start up his own line of clothes. Especially considering these shirts all suck:

    I love Capitalism.

  • Well, there is a difference between capitalism and free market. :) Illmatter. I feel the Star Wars Kids thing is a mixed blessing. Maybe the poor guy had low enough self esteem issues not being able to actually enjoy this “exposure” that lead to his so called fame.

    He could have at the time felt he was being ridiculed. And if he was depressive, that could have really messed him up. Of course once everything settles again and he grows older he MAY look back and laugh, but I honestly it was wrong to do such a thing without his knowledge prior.

    As for the merchendise, who actually owns the “Star Wars Kid” name? And the kid’s image? Rarely is it the person its based on, but the creator’s property?

  • Unfortunately some of these humourous images would have to be destroyed… :(