SPACEJUNK EXCLUSIVE: Tim Allen…The Next Joker?

Wouldn’t that rule?? Is it unfair to say that the internet has taken a bit of the fun out of going to the movies? I remember when the first Batman film came out; although the film was definitely marketed and merchandised, the internet wasn’t around for all of the fanboys to pick a part every single detail of the production. What will the bat suit look like? Is it too far from the original? What’s with the three tipped tail on the batman logo? Harvey Dent is going to be played by a black man?!?!? How did all of the rabid DC fanatics survive without exclusive pictures from the set or leaked copies of the script? Sure they had the official Batman souvenir magazine, and the novel adaptation to check out before the films release, but what’s the fun in going to a movie without first knowing every single little detail about it’s production, plot, actors, crew, budget, locations, character arcs, possible endings, possible cameos, possible sequels….and so on and so on. What’s better then sitting down to watch the next Spiderman film? Well, for starters, sitting down to look over the Venom character designs leaked to the public a year and a half before the films release.

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  • Goon

    I propose we put up a “next Joker?” news page every day for the next month. or at least a couple days. please? please?

  • Goon

    and by the way, based on that picture, I’d definitely watch a movie with Tim Allen as the Joker.

  • Nuno

    Tim Allen should be Venom and the Joker! Then they should have a Batman/Spiderman crossover movie and Tim Allen will play a dual role. He’s like the next fucking Peter Sellers.

    I hope the Venom costume has nipps. Tentacle nipps.