Firefly Fans Are Crazy: Part 2

Last week we established the fact that some Firefly fans are a little bit delusional in their support of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi series and the feature film offshoot “Serenity”. Here’s a story about one fan who’s clearly lost touch with reality and resorted to the most extreme form of guerilla marketing. He wanted a Serenity sequel so much that he decided to buy about $2500 worth of movie tickets and then proceeded to stand out front of the theatre and give the tickets away for free. You know, if you have to force people to see the movie for free, you might stop to consider the fact that perhaps it doesn’t deserve to get a sequel. Sadly, it looks like Serenity does not have a shot at reaching the $50 million cut off point that was required to greenlight a sequel as it’s dropping out of a lot of theatres this weekend. I feel for the guy, I really do. He must really care about this TV show a lot, and I fear for his mental health without it. I wonder if the DVD sales will factor into the grand total, and if so, maybe I can talk this guy into buying me the DVD when it comes out too.

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