At The Drive-In/Sunshine Split EP

At The Drive-In/Sunshine Split EP
(Big Wheel Recreation)

Let me just start by clearing something up right away: this cd doesn’t come with a cover. That’s right, it’s just a cd sitting in the case, with the band info and track listing underneath the cd and on the back. Weird huh? Yeah I guess.

Anyways, this is a little teaser that At The Drive-In put out to whet people’s appetite for their upcoming full length, Relationship of Command. Like people’s appetites weren’t already whetted enough.

It is actually a split CD EP with 2 tracks from ATDI and 3 tracks from a Czechoslovakian band called Sunshine. I kind of half expected to find out that Sunshine was an At The Drive-In side project (a couple of the members are in a dub band as well), but apparently Sunshine are a real electronic band.

The 3 songs from Sunshine are actually 3 different mixes of a song called Streamlined. The first version of the song sounds pretty cool; a steady drum beat with echoing guitar effects and weird noises, along with faintly strangled vocals. After I got to the third version of the song I was beginning to get a little tired of hearing looped beats over and over again.

The first At The Drive-In song is called Extracurricular, and it is one of the best songs I have ever heard from them. It is hard hitting and aggressive with quirky guitar riffs mixed in. The second song, called Autorelocator, is a long electronic song. It creates an interesting atmosphere, but again, it tends to get boring after a while. It is completely unlike anything At The Drive-In have done before and it is an interesting experiment, nothing more, nothing less.

As far as I’m concerned, I only bought this EP for the song Extracurricular. It is worth buying the EP just to have this one amazing song, but if that song turns up on the new album, then I can guarantee you that this CD EP is just going to sit on my shelf and collect dust. — Sean

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